I am just so happy! This has been the best week.

I feel so very blessed for all I have been given. I have had the most amazing week and here are some of my happy moments.

I turned 30 and my dear friends
took me out friday and spoiled me. Hottie gift card- we have some funny memories in this store, flowers, jewelry, lotions and potions. I had the best cake in the world from California Pizza Kitchen - The Butter Cake. It is so
amazing that I had to hide in my closet today to eat the last bite so I did not have to share. Thats so bad of me. Heehhee.

I walked out to our back courtyard and there were 3 sweet lil
rose bushes planted for me.

My husband took me out Saturday and we had such a good time. I felt like I was 20 again dating him all over again. We laughed so hard at nothing at all and I still am not sure what was so funny. : - )

My 7 year old made me a card.

My son in Heaven sent me peace.

My 6 month old smiled and giggled.

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