Rime & McFarland Family

I had to post a few tonight for this wonderful family. They were so much fun to be around and as I am home editing I had to be told to not laugh so loud. There are some funny ones. I wish we would have had more time so I could have been less serious and more silly as well. : - )
When I get shooting I am in a zone and rarely do I look down at my feet to check if I am safe below. Mud, ants, and poop are regulars. I have a major spider phobia
from a high school traumatic event involving a mama wolf spider with a bazillion of her babies stuck in my hair while swimming at night. So tonight I am driving home after our shoot and I feel something moving up my thigh. I started hitting my leg to kill the creepy crawler. Better smashed on my leg than crawling up it! The cars next to me must have thought I was crazy. I still have the hebejebes hours later editing. Hahaha. : - )Hope you guys did not bring any bug friends home with you. : - )

Here the smiles come

So Funny! I cant stop laughing. Thanks Michael. ; - )

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