A little about me.

I am not to personal on this blog. I have decided to slowly share more as I feel comfortable to do so.
For the past 14 years or so I have off and on struggled with Crohn's Disease usually dealing with it a couple weeks out of the year sometimes needing to take a vacation to the hospital. Dont worry, it is not contagious and I still want hugs. :- ) Up until last week I was in denial that the past few years I was not sick, or that I even had the disease even though I was admitted last May to Banner.
I had a whole year of remission which is a miracle for this years events and I am so thankful for that. Although I am going through being ill now I know God is taking care of me and He has a plan for me. I know He will continue to heal me and that I am not alone. Today is a good day! I got out of bed to write! LoVes!

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