Kristen and Erik - I had a great time with you guys tonight. Thanks for giving me that inspiration to work my body like a machine. LOL. C-Ya soon!

Karla and Loa- Two of the nicest people I have ever met. I am looking forward to your wedding!

Angela & Jason - You guys ROCK!


I could not wait to start editing sweet little Emily's images. I think she is adorable. I want to post more but I need sleep.
There are great ones of all the kids. Beautiful family.

Angie and Jason

It was an action packed morning at the Mesa Az Temple today.
Thank you Angie for having an amazing shot list friend. She really helped keep it moving.
See you guys tonight for bridals.

This year has been such a blessing. Here we are in September

and I have only a few sessions left available for 2010. Thank you, Thank you,

Thank you for being the best clients ever!

School is starting and I am actually sad about it. I will have more time for work which is nice but less time with my sweet little girl. My sister has two little ones and we decided to do Glamour shots on the girls for fun. Our grandma took
us to have them done when we were little and they are so funny. All the make up and hair plastered on our innocent faces.
They enjoyed it while we worked up a sweat. Just for fun.

Meet the happiest baby on this planet, Justin. His smile melts my heart and I was thrilled for his mama, Jenny to ask me to take his 6 month old pictures. I am in love I must say. XOXOXOXOXO

I love a image that makes me smile. Fun Times!

I LOVE this picture. Grandparents are so special to me. There is no one that can take their place in this world.
They do take the time to smell the flowers and I love that wisdom.
How sweet they are......................

Nichole and Jordan Sneek Peek! Beautiful couple! I know all three of these are kissing images but I could not decide because
I love all three of them equally. You decide.

I have to say my spark was lit again for wedding photography. With this hot weather and my knee issue I have really missed out this last month. I am feeling more alive right now and happy to be back. : - )

I am so excited to work for Divine Nature, a nutrition and live blood analysis store on Power and Southern.
If you are feeling tired or just want to get healthy check them out, it will change your life.

Aaron and Erica! So great to work with. So cute together.
The weather was amazing. We had a 15 degree drop in temperature and the wind was blowing.
I love when the wind is here while I am working. I love movement in a still photograph.

Yes I have a zoo and here is half of them. LOL

If I was not late for work right now you would see this whole page filled with all the reasons why I love the Fishers.
This family is AWESOME!

Being a mother has opened my eyes to beauty. I see things I did not see before. I love this picture of Becca and her little girl.
This is beauty.

I am so lucky. I really - really - LOVE my job. I get to work with awesome people. I get to see REAL love.
Nichole and Jordan you guys are wonderful!

Sabrina, my little bean burrito sister LOL and Talor my new brother have been more than patient with me on their wedding images.
I am almost done guys so hang in there! LOVes!

I want to squeeze your cheeks Max!

I have been laughing out loud as I am sorting images from this family session. They were so much fun and I could tell they really love each other because they can all laugh and be silly with one another without any problems. Hahahaha. Very fun!

Sam. Isn't she beautiful..........

This little guys name is Max, and he is sooooo dang cute. More soon!

I recently second shot for Amanda Stephan Photography, who is amazing by the way. I am happy to have great photography friends. I love my job!

This family is so dear to me. I love you guys!

Senior pictures are always fun. Oh, to be 18 again! I have known Colton Pitcher for some time from church and this past week I had the opportunity to take his Senior pictures. He is very talented and makes his rings out of glass and wood. See you guys next week!

Hillarie! You are so, so, so, so, pretty. I am on a vintage brown crave but dont worry if you dont like it. I give you the regular one too. I am about 1/2 way done with your images, and will be e-mailing you soon.

I feel blessed today. It is raining. The wind is blowing. If you are waiting on images to be posted thank you for being patient.
I am trying to keep my workflow going. XOXOXOXOXO

My little sister just got married to Talor. Its been a great sunny day and we are so excited for them! See you guys in a couple hours!

Hillarie and James! I feel like I am their big sister. James - did you rub her feet yet? LOL. These two make me smile and are sooooooo in Love! I am about 70 hours behind in editing but I can promise you there will be more of these two. LOve . Love . LoVe!

Today I needed to be artistic. I love texture. I love close in shots. I love art.

I had an amazing day today with Lindsey, Gary and Kobe! I was surrounded by things I love. Shoes, cake, friends and families in love! I have so many favorites it is hard to decide what to post, but the last one of them dancing together as a family is the one that melts my heart. ; - )

The South Family. I grew up with Sarah and was the tag along to her and my older sister, Summer. I remember wishing I was the same age as them so I could date and stay out later. Sarah is so beautiful and has more patience than I will ever have.
Her girls make me smile and make me want more girls this very instant.

Clarissa is here visiting from Germany. She let me take her out to the fields and her images are beautiful.

This has been a family week and there's not a better way to spend time. This is my sister, and my best friend in the whole world. I love you forever and ever Summer.

The wedding is around the corner............I can't wait! See you guys later this week. : - )
P.S. Check out the black crow in the 4th image. I thought that was pretty neat.

I love the Speakmans! I photographed this little man when he was just a newborn. His baby picture is up at Banner Desert Hospital in Labor and Delivery and you can see why. He is so handsome!

One of my favorite things to do in life besides photography, hehehehhe, is getting outside the city. We recently went on a road trip and it was so much fun. My husband tolerates my random excitement to pull over anytime I see something that I need a photo of. It takes us 3 hours to get 60 miles and we sight see. Some of the best parts of this trip were being with the ones I love, breathing fresh air and having no schedule. I love this earth.

My little sister Sabrina is getting married! I just cant believe it because she is only 18! I guess I was not that much older when I got married but she is the baby of the family and it has gone by all too fast. She has grown into a beautiful woman and she is marrying a wonderful guy- Talor. I am so happy for you both! I would love to stay up all night and edit these but I am working early tomorrow so I am gonna go snuggle in bed. I love you two!

Avery and Jillian right from Heaven. I wanted to hold them forever. Precious!

This family session was done at Scottsdale Civic Center. This little guy Mason was full of energy and simply adorable.
Thanks Meredith for putting up with the scheduling difficulties!

Hillarie and James! These two are so fun to work with. We went to the Arboretum near Superior and it was lovely.
I look forward to shooting their wedding in April.

I 2nd shot for Man in the Moon Studios and here are some of my favorite images from the day. XOXO

Sweetheart of the Wanlass Family. Isnt she a doll! I just wanted to take her home with me.
Newborns get me all mushy feeling which is maybe why I entered into Banner Desert Hospital's baby photo contest,
which I recently found out that I won for labor and delivery hallways. SO EXCITING! : - )

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