3 things from last weekend that I think are perty..........

They are all so cute....... Thank you Roberts!

I am lucky enough to have photographed the beautiful Roberts family. Papa, Randy was so cute rolling in the grass with all 7 grandkids which is something my dad always does. I left feeling like I dont want to stop photographing larger groups. They were awesome!
There is something about children that makes my heart sing. : - ) These little girls remind me if little cherubs and I could not resist blogging them tonight. I promise there will be more in the next couple days.

I couldnt wait to put these up. I just got home from photographing Bethany and Kyle's wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and private only seating about 20 guests followed by a reception at the Estate house in Scottsdale. I honestly can say I have the best job in the whole world and am so blessed to be able to spend time with such awesome clients and now friends!
More to come soon for Bethany and Kyle. Happy Honeymoon! Thank you Amanda for 2nd shooting!

Tiffany and Tim (not Tom or John)!- Arent they beautiful! I called Tim, John a few times HA! I am such a dork! Other than that it
was a laid back beautiful session. I am so excited to work on these!

Thank you for such an awesome day!

I had so much fun with John and Rebecca Hardwick this last weekend. They could not stop kissing and I could not stop laughing. More soon!

I just could not resist these ones.

The Lanoue's have been so good to me. I started to photograph this wonderful family when Brenner was a newborn.
I have loved watching this little guy grow. He makes me smile. : - )

I had so much fun with the Crandall's. I am so glad Sariah went with her gut feeling on the location because I think they turned out great. Sariah is such an amazing mom, and she even makes homemade bread every week. Yummy.

I am so behind on blogging! I guess that reflects the amount of free time I have right now. SORRY!
Meet the Buchanan's. This is why I love my job!

I had such a nice afternoon with beautiful Eve. It was cold outside and maybe thats
why we didnt get any bug bites!
I wish I looked this good at 8 months pregnant. Thank you Eve!

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